Banking & Insurance Consultant

Curoso  has multiple platforms in the Banking, Financial and Insurance services industry that manages Account Origination and Loan Processing.

To succeed today, banks need a renewed focus on imperatives such as the customer, new operating models and effective divestitures/mergers and acquisitions. We can help with a range of business solutions, outsourcing services and software.

Our services can help you accelerate & re-evaluate banking game plans and devise new financial strategies.

Digital Loan Management:

curoso’s Digital Loan Management solution draws on a unique combination of skilled people, efficient processes and innovative technology to create a platform to process loan document indexing, data extraction, loan delivery and quality assurance.

Easy Accounts

The CUROSO Easy Accounts platform digitizes, categorizes and retrieves packages and documents required to process New Account applications. It includes the following modular components:

  • An indexing platform to enter the data from the scanned documents
  • An OCR engine that increases indexing efficiency
  • Workflow platform to manage document processing and approval

 Select Industry-Specific Accounting

■  Financial Services

  • Credit Analysis
  • Loan Accounting

 ■  Insurance

  • Actuarial Accounting
  • Fiduciary Accounting
  • Premium Accounting

 ■  Media and Entertainment

  • Sales Accounting
  • Royalty Accounting

 ■  Retail, CPG and Manufacturing

  • Sales Returns Accounting
  • Restaurant Sales Processing
  • Franchisee Accounting
  • Inventory Accounting

 ■  Shipping and Logistics

  • Cargo Revenue Accounting
  • Cargo Revenue Management
  • Freight Accounting
  • Manifestation

 ■  Telecom

  • Order Validation – Industrial/Commercial

 ■  Travel & Leisure

  • Passenger Revenue Accounting
  • Revenue Recovery
  • Fraud Prevention and Control

 ■  Utilities

  • Meter Billing
  • Prepayments
  • Energy Contract Validation