Our Education Practice – the first of its kind across management consulting firms – has an explicit mission and vision to be the leading strategy adviser to the Indian Education Industry. To achieve this, we invest significantly in dedicated management and team resources to ensure that our global expertise extends across public sector and non-profit education providers, foundations, private companies and service providers, and investors.

Curoso offers a dedicated practice of professionals with on-the-ground experience across multiple industries and projects in education strategy, reform, innovation and implementation. Our breadth of experience and depth of service as strategic advisers to the education industry is unmatched, with knowledge that spans all levels of education including early childhood, elementary, secondary, higher, vocational and professional educationacross both public and private sectors.

Most importantly, our Education team is built of individuals who are personally and professionally passionate about education – we attract the best people to our practice and deliver trans-formative results to our clients. Ultimately, our experiences with private and public-sector organizations provide a unique institutional capability to serve education clients of any type in any country around the world.

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Student mobility: Higher education has gone global. So have students. As they pursue learning internationally, competing for their talent is creating new business models — increased acquisitions from private institutions, international partnerships, and the opening of overseas ‘branch campuses’. Curoso offers research-based consulting solutions on student mobility, international enrollment, and transnational education.

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