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Indian Medical Treatment (Subsidiary of Curoso)

Indian Medical Treatment
(Subsidiary of Curoso)

is an organization which serves the patients  to take an informed decision about their treatment. We deal with the hospitals and doctors to provide treatment to human lives and therefore it is our foremost concern to give our clients the best advice. We have done a detailed survey to evaluate various doctors and hospitals for their skills, results, quality of treatment and success rates in providing various treatments. Our health experts are medical industry specialist who have surveyed the hospitals for their quality of equipment and latest technology and the doctors with highest level of studies and practical experience. We know the truth about claims made by various healthcare providers. The net result is that you find the best doctor, best hospital and the best cost for your treatment.

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Director – Health Consultant, Gurgaon, India

We provide the following services for the patients

Finding the right solution for your disease

  1. Analyzing your problem
  2. Identifying the right doctor
  3. Discussing your case with multiple doctors
  4. Zeroing in on the right solution
  5. Sending the solution to you by email or phone

Making the arrangements for your travel for treatment

  1. Sending you the quote for treatment
  2. On receiving your acceptance about the cost and the dates for travel, we send you the invitation on behalf of the hospital which helps you in getting visa for coming to India
  3. Our representative will receive you at the airport
  4. You will be taken to the hotel or guesthouse of your choice where the reservation in your name will be done in advance
  5. You will be required to make full payment of your treatment and other expenses once you reach the hotel.
  6. You will get the receipts for all the payments made by you to Indian Medical Treatment representatives maximum within 12 working hours

Treatment at the Hospital

  1. Our medical team will co-ordinate with the hospital and doctor for your first appointment with the doctor
  2. You will be accompanied by our medical expert at all times during your visits to the hospital
  3. Our medical expert will take care of all the formalities to be done at the hospital during your entire treatment
  4. All arrangements for currency conversion, travel, food & accommodation for the accompanying persons will be taken care by Indian Medical Treatment
  5. On your discharge from the hospital you will be provided transportation for going back to the hotel

Post Hospitalization

  1. Medical expert from Indian Medical Treatment will take care of all your post hospitalization needs like medicines, post discharge visits to the hospital, physiotherapy, nursing etc
  2. Arrangements for your travel back after treatment in India
  3. Our health expert will remain in touch with you and will be the important link between you and the doctor for providing the continuity of care
  4. All arrangements for travel within India will be done by the Team of Indian Medical Treatment.