Strategic Partner: G&V Brief

Curoso has entered into strategic partnership with G&V Business Solutions which serves as an expert business accelerator for IT & Healthcare companies who are looking at setting up / expanding operations in India.

  • Launch of new products
  • Increasing sales
  • India Market penetration
  • Setting up of new operations
  • Execution of projects
  • Identifying channel partners
  • Identifying distributors and dealers
  • Managing local distributors, sales and marketing


Practice Leader – Business Development & Marketing

MBA – Hebrew University in Jerusalem

23 years experience in Business Development & Marketing including:
5 years experience in the Indian market with over 2 years as VP Business Development & Marketing of ELBIT INDIA HEALTHCARE, a fully owned subsidiary of Elbit Imaging Ltd.
5 years experience as Head of the business wing (Malram) in Ichilov Hospital, in-charge of business development, operations, marketing and sales departments
12 Years Experience at Senior Management in Israeli and East Europe international Healthcare Systems


Practice Leader – Business Consulting, Finance & Healthcare

CPA (Israel), MBA (Finance)

18 Years Experience in Senior Financial Management with global companies including:.
More than 6 years experience in the Indian market with over 3 years as VP Strategic Planning & CFO of ELBIT INDIA HEALTHCARE (a fully owned subsidiary of Elbit Imaging Ltd) from October 2007 till February 2011, setting up its healthcare and wholesale activities in India.

CFO of Tel Aviv Medical Centre (Ichilove Hospital) – second largest medical centre in Israel – 1200 beds.